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An interview with Polarity of Life, a metal band from Zagreb, Croatia

I personally think that if you are good enough and you try hard you can succeed everywhere..

Andrej Sabljić

Polarity of Life was founded in the summer of 2007.

As the band members say, a wide specter of musical genres has influenced their music, at the same time allowing them to create their own sound with roots in Death and Thrash metal. In march of 2014. they release their debut album entitled Polarity of Life. In 2017 they released their semi-conceptual EP Beginning/End/Beginning. (source:

Listen to the EP via the link above.

Something about the EP: Beginning/End/Beginning is a semi-conceptual EP dealing with the themes of inner peace, liberation and higher wisdom in all of us. It took one year to create and almost the same amount of time to record. We are very proud of it and hope you will enjoy it as much as we have. (source:

Last year they released a music video for their song Cutting Through, the first song on the EP.

We decided to do an interview with the band to see where are they now and what are their future plans.

(Answering: Andrej Sabljić, vocals&guitar)

1. When was the band founded and what was the main motivation for starting it?

We can say that the beginning for the band was in 2007 when we started to play under the name "Scarab". Of course, like in every beginning, we were kids under influence and we made mostly covers of our favourite bands. There was a lot of Cradle of Filth, In Flames, Megadeth, Sepultura, Death &, believe it or not, Alice in Chains. After a while we realised that we can also be original and so in 2009 we created the first version of Polarity of Life.

2. How many members does the band have and who are they?

There are four of us in the band: Andrej Sabljić (guitar, vocals), Haris Handžagić (guitar), Dario Hrustić (bass) & Miroslav Nađ (drums).

(Photo: Matej Đuzel)

3. Not so long ago you released an EP, Beginning/End/Beginning, tell us something about it. Was that your first EP etc.

Yes, that is our first EP which is also a half conceptual project. It has five songs which are probably the best work we did so far. The EP talks about enlightenment and finding strength and meaning in situations which don't always make sense. It is possible that the concept we did will show up in our future work and be the basis for making the next album.

4. Who writes the music and the lyrics?

I write all the lyrics but we mainly write the music together or based on some of my riffs which we later upgrade together. Every member has something to give considering that we all have a wide taste in music.

5. Are they any future plans for the band? Upcoming shows?

Regarding the future plans, we are working on arranging some concerts over the summer at the moment, in places we never played before. But there will be information regarding that soon, on official band's webpages. Also, soon we should release another music video for another song from the EP and after all this events we will continue to work on the new stuff. We are now just continuing where the EP ended., to be honest.

6. Upcoming shows?

For everybody who plan to catch our show close by, we play on the 20th of July at Demofest in Banjaluka, with many other bands from the region and from the world.

7. Can you put your band biggest dream in one word, two words tops?

I think I can't do that. When I was a kid I had classic dreams for my band, like a worldwide tour or something similar but now I am accepting everything the way it comes and I think that a person should get the best out of everything and should work a lot on itself in every single way. When you hold on to these things I think everything will somehow settle down. Aldo I think it would be very nice to have a Europe tour or beyond, of course. :)

8. What do you think about metal music scene in Croatia?

I think there are many good bands and there are some who work very hard. Some of them succeeded to pop out from our borders which is a success for all of us, despite the fact that some bands don't think that way. But of course, like in everything, there is always people who tell a lot of unnecessary rubbish and concentrate on the wrong things in life, instead concentrating on the music and its expression. It's hard enough without that. Like Chuck Schuldiner used to say: support music, not rumors.

(Photo: Matej Đuzel)

9. Have you ever had any shows in other countries than Croatia?

We've played in BIH and Slovenia but soon we may extend that circle.

10. What do you think, is it easier to succeed abroad?

Well, we could talk about this for hours. I personally think that if you are good enough and you try hard you can succeed everywhere, mostly today. But in some countries is definitely easier to 'succeed', whatever that means. I think that in some countries like Scandinavian ones or countries in the USA, bands have much more conditions which enables them access to wider public which is important for that classical meaning of success.

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