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Cellar Darling's "This Is The Sound" out today!

Cellar Darling's new album is out today!

This is the official track by track for the upcoming album "This Is The Sound". It was released yesterday on Nuclear Blast Records's Youtube channel.

The official lyrics video for the "The Hermit" was also released yesterday.

The album has 14 tracks. Every one of them has its own story. The lyrics are beautiful, powerful and with a strong meaning.

The best way to listen to this album full of beautiful sounds and words is to be in a quiet place or even better, in nature, by yourself.

It's amazing how this band made such a powerful debut album. It's not hard to say that they are all great musicians but I would rather say they are pure artists.

This celtic, folk, rock, metal album with different melodies but same strong energy is definitely something new and something to cherish forever.

This album will be on 'repeat' for sure and after this album we are looking forward to anything else coming from Cellar Darling's heart. Because this is truly a music from the heart.

Thank you, Anna, Ivo and Merlin. Thank you, Cellar Darling.

More info coming soon!

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