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Balkan Metal Meeting 2 - first night

The first evening of the festival left a strong impression.

The first band of the line-up was Tranquillizer from Poland. The concert began on time and the grind-core band with five members played for half an hour. They attracted the audience who filled the podium up by the end of the concert. The stage performance was not so energetic bud it still was a show filled with simple but powerful and hard riffs and of course, with strong growl of the vocal.

For true grindcore fans, the concert was a pure hit. For others it was something new and interesting. They had a nice contact with the public and because of that a huge support from domestic metal audience and other bands with whom they shared the stage during the evening.

The second band to perform was Don Gatto, a HC band from Hungary. Their performance was very energetic and lively. The vocal spent their concert on the podium with the public. The four members of the band encouraged the public to enjoy the music and the energy along with them for the whole time and their effort was worth it. The hardcore band showed everything that HC represents in its essence. There was a powerful contact with the public. The guitarist was jumping and playing for the whole time and made the public laugh at his honest sense of humour, which made the public even more interested in their performance and music.

The third band was Beneath My Sins. A symphonic metal band from France showed a powerful vocal performance along with strong metal expression. Being the third in a row to play was a true challenge. They needed to keep the concentration of the public and it is not hard to say that they did it. They even made the night more diverse than it already was. One of the interesting factors of this festival is in its diversity of metal music genres. The band showed their performance skills using props (fan, stage riser) with which they made even stronger atmosphere and made bigger impact on the public.

Cold Snap was the fourth band to play on the first night of the festival. With their well known energy and contact with the public, they kept the concentration of the public until the end of their performance. Also, they made the public filled with energy until the end of the first night. The band with six members filled the podium in a speed of light. Their groove metal expression with strong riffs in combination with occasional ambient melodies made the public expressions filled with enjoyment. Part of the public knew the words of each song and the podium was full until the end of their concert. They finished playing after midnight and prepared the stage for the last band of the night.

The last band of the night was Italian symphonic metal band Elegy of Madness. Their melodies along with powerful female vocalist and electric cello in the back made a symphonic and interesting ending of the evening. The public was still there because the positive and ubiquitous performance made the public present and aware of the moment, not sleepy and annoyed. And that is a true challenge for a band, having in mind that it was over 1 am and that the evening started before 9 pm.

This was the first day of the festival and it started and ended in a strong tone. We are now looking forward to the second day of the festival. See you tonight at 20:30 in Uljanik!

Stay tuned!

Photos by: Patrik Zubaj_dipARTicle

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