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Cellar Darling's new video for "Avalanche" is out

We are all waiting for Cellar's Darling's first album This Is The Sound to come out. The date of release is the 30 of June. While we wait for all the singles to come out in form of their first piece of art, we can enjoy their new single/video, Avalanche. Let's remind ourselves, their first official video made for the single 'Black Moon' was released not so long ago. (view: ) Besides that, we had and have an opportunity to listen to two more singles, "Challenge" and "Fire, Wind & Earth" which were released last year.

All the songs we heard and the video we've seen are the living proof of Cellar Darling's strong and energised beginning. The lyrics are powerful, the melodies are a combination of folk/celtic metal and something completely out of this world.

They brought something new, something refreshing and something beautiful. This is truly a great new beginning for great musicians.

A photo from the set (Source: Cellar Darling's Facebook page)

A teaser #3 for the upcoming album

Enjoy the video and get ready for the new album! Because we certainly are.


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