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"Balkan Metal Meeting 2" in Pula, Croatia

Balkan Metal Meeting 2 is a two day festival organised by Hammer and tongs promotion – tour and promotions & Kairos association (Udruga Kairos).

The Kairos Association is an association created for promoting metal subculture. The aim of the Balkan Metal Meeting festival is for every new edition of the festival to be held in another city in the Balkan area. The bands, however, are from all over the Europe.

The festival will take place in Club Uljanik (Pula) on the 16th and 17th of June 2017. The ticket for one day costs 50kn and the two-day ticket costs 80kn.

The lineup for June 16:

Soundcheck; 19.30h

21h-21.40h - Tranquillizer /POLAND , GRIND GORE

21.55h-22.35h - Don Gatto /HUNGARY , HC

22.50h-23.30h - Beneath My Sins / FRANCE , SYMPHONIC

23.45h-00.25h - Cold Snap / CROATIA , GROOVE


The lineup for June 17:

Soundcheck , 19.30h

20.30h-21.10h - Chains of Suffering / CROATIA , THRASH METAL

21.25h-22.05h - Wildhunt / AUSTRIA, SPEED THRASH HEAVY METAL

22.20h-23.00h - UDS (Underdamped System) /POLAND , GROOVE

23.15h-23.55h - Cruenta Lacrymis / ITALY , MELOD.BLACK DEATH.


The bands

TRANQUILLIZER: Tranquillizer is, simply said, a combination of old school grind with relaxation music.: (source: facebook)

DON GATTO: "We do it hard, we do it simple and - thank god - we do it short."

They founded the band back in 2009 and have four of EPs out so far. The band took part on a 23 days Euro tour with Pro-Pain and they won the Metal Battle Hungary and made it to Wacken Open Air to one of the biggest metal festivals on the world where they finished on the 9th place among 28 other bands. In the 2017 they won in the best live band category at the Hungarian "HangSúly" Metal Awards. Overall they had 490 shows not only in their home country but also in Serbia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, France, Holland, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Lativa, Bosnia, Estonia and the Czecz Republic. They supported First Blood, Born From Pain, Death Before Dishonor, Napalm Death, Madball, Max & Iggor Cavalera Return to Roots, Hatebreed, The Casualties and The Exploited. (Source: Band's official pages)

BENEATH MY SINS: "In December 2015, the members of last line-up of the band Evolvent decided to create a new band closer to their ambitions and their approach to music. Together they have been crossing Europe playing at festivals and concerts. They also released two albums, “Human Instinct” in May 2014 and “Whatever Happens” in March 2015, for which Emma wrote all the lyrics and Clement brought his own songs. Thanks to the experience learned with Evolvent, Beneath my Sins now offers a free symphonic metal more mature, exploring all the possibilities of the kind.In April 2016, Beneath My Sins revealed a first music video and a song: From the Flames. In March 2017, the band will release its first album “Valkyries of Modern Times” via the label Painted Bass Records.2017 will be abusy but exciting year for Beneath My Sins! The band will share the stage with the famous Belgian band, Skeptical Minds all over 2017, and will also experience its first big tour over Eastern Europe with the Russian band, Pokerface!" (Source: band's official web page)

COLD SNAP: "Cold Snap is a six piece groove metal band hailing from Varaždin, Croatia. The chaos started in the spring of 2003. Until today, Cold Snap have done more than 330 shows around Europe, including tours with Pro-Pain, Dead By April, Ektomorf and shared stage with Limp Bizkit, Soulfly, Disturbed, Blind Guardian, Flogging Molly, Darkest Hour, Suicide Silence, Hypocrisy, Iced Earth, Unearth and many others at the following festivals: Wacken Open Air, Metal Camp, Metal Fest, Metal Days, Sun Valley Metal Fest etc...Cold Snap has one EP "Mea Culpa" ( 2005., self released ) and 3 LP albums: "Empty Promises" ( 2008., Dancing Bear Records ), "Perfection" ( 2010., Made In Germany- music, MK II label ) and new album "WORLD WAR 3" ( 2013., self released, 2014., Eclipse Records ) - produced again, by one of the most famous metal producers, Tue Madsen." (Source: Band's facebook page)

ELEGY OF MADNESS: "The Elegy Of Madness is an Italian Shymphonic Metal band founded in 2006. In the same year it was released the first Promo “Another Path” that mixed together gothic and progressive sound, arousing a great interest as many reviews can show. After many gigs, the band signed the first contract with “Sweet Poison Records” in 2009 and recorded the first Full Lenght “The Bridge of Sighs” promoted through media all over the world, live performances, radio and television broadcasting, confirming their symphonic metal vocation. In 2013 the Elegy Of Madness signed with WormHoleDeath /Aural Music / Dreamcell 11/ Warner Chappell. In May 2013 the band recorded their second Full Length “Brave Dreams” in the Real Sound Studio (Parma –Italy) mastered by Mike Jussila (FinnvoxStudio-Finland), broadcasted also in a Japanese limited edition. In July 2014 they performed at Exit Festival (Novi Sad-Serbia) with Arkona, Sabaton, Skrillex and many other great artists. Actually the EoM are working on a new album called “New Era” that will be released at the beginning of 2017." (Source: band's facebook page)

CHAINS OF SUFFERING: The founders of the band are brothers Leo and Robert Ivančan. It all started in 2008 when Leo picked up a guitar at the Drty old festival in Požega. There was a writing on the guitar, it said: "Start your own band"; then it all started. At the beginning they played covers from Metallica, Slayer etc but then in 2014 they decided to make their own songs. In the 2016 they got the prize for the most promising band by the jury and the audience at the 8th demo festival in Zaprešić and they won the first place in on Gitarijada in Osijek. In 2016 they released an album titled Seed of suffering. The bands has three 3 members: Zdravko Ranogajec on drums, Robert Ivančan on lead guitar and Leo Ivančan on bass and vocals. (Source: band's facebook page)

WILDHUNT: "Founded in the depths of a Carinthian cellar in 2011, the power trio Wildhunt soon arose from the oubliettes and was prepared for the hunt.With their energetic unique Speed/Thrash Heavy Metal they rushed all over Austria and conquered dozens of stages and are now heading for more live shows abroad.After their well received debut-EP from 2012 they’re now producing their first full-length album.After two years of intense stage hitting many ups and downs marked their way but couldn’t stop them from carrying on the vision that was stuck in their heads from the very beginning.With the strong wish to point the way against trends and the ambitious thirst for action they strike off to fire up and kick some ass! “They're sneering on those who won’t obey in these days - The time has come to rip the smile of their face!”" (Source: Band's facebook page)

UDS ()UNDERDAMPED SYSTEM): "From the deepest and darkest states of human hypocrisy, from thepitch-black abyss of cruelty, from the dungeons of self-destruction herecome the sounds of fright, fear and consternation...UDS consists of five musicians:David - drums, Jaca - guitar, Kargul - guitar, Radek - bass, Kamil - vocals.Their music is a mix of heavy riffs, long phrases, aggressive vocals andpsychedelic melodies.After a few years of forming the final line-up the band decided to record thematerial that would be the closure of a certain chapter - a chapter of shapingtheir own style. That's how “Phantom Pain” came to be.It is a testimony to the hard-work they put in, the difficult period theyconquered, and the direction in which the band wants to continue.This album contains 8 tracks that gets the listener into a hypnotic trancewhich does not give you a break , just like the entire group at their concerts.The material was recorded over a span of two weeks at Hertz RecordingStudio under the watchful eye of Wojtek and Slawek Wieclawscy.The band has played dozens of concerts across Poland and has receiveda lot of positive feedback." (Source: band's facebook page)

CRUENTA LACRYMIS: "The band was formed in September 2012 thanks to an idea of Daniele, Teo, Erika and Elena, later completed by Miriam on keyboard. The main source of inspiration is the great master DARIO ARGENTO with his horror masterpieces full of darkness and perversion. The songs are built around symphonic bases produced by Daniele and Teo, that are meant to be a focal point for the band's style." (Source: band's facebook page)

ARMAROTH: "Armaroth is known to the masses as a five-headed acid spitting death metal entity residing underneath Kranj, Slovenia. Formed in 2008, this act has already established itself as one of the most promising bands to come from the region, a claim that they have supported with numerous raging shows in their home country. After their Burning Execution Demo (2010) showed signs of things yet to come, Armaroth released their EP titled False Vision in 2013, which was (and still is) held in very high regard by fans and reviewers alike. In fall 2015, Vid Pobegajlo joined and Rok Lučavečki joined as bassist and drummer. With the new lineup, the band released singles Diamox and Deep Of Throats, announcing heabiliy anticipated debut album ZENITH. The LP was released in December 2016 and gained very positive reviews, which labeled it as an excellent and innovative piece of art." (Source: band's facebook page)

The Balkan Metal Meeting story began in March 2017 in Tuzla (BIH). That was the very first edition of the festival. The second one will take place in Pula and the third one will return to Tuzla and be held on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2017.

The events for the upcoming festivals:

Balkan Metal Meeting 2:

Balkan Metal Meeting 3:

The official poster for the upcoming festival in Pula

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