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New music/videos from Rijeka, Croatia

Despite the constant changes in the world of youth and music of today, Rijeka is struggling to maintain the status of the city of rock music. These are just some examples.

More videos and stories soon! Stay tuned!

Soul'd Out

The band's first official video.

About the band (from the official facebook page

Soul'd Out is acoustic trio formed in December 2016. Band line up is: Karlo Horvat - Voice, guitar Alen Brentini - Lead guitar, voice Marko Vladilo - Bass Karlo and Marko are well known musicians from the mighty modern metal band called Kryn ( and Alen is a solo artist and member of many projects in many different genres from acoustical music to black metal (Alen Brentini band, Vampires of the Mists, Andreas Gabalier and others)


Nord (Rijeka)

Feat.Eni Jurišić

ABOUT (from the band's official facebook page


Mihael Prosen - vocals/bass Tino Margan - drums Vedran Vuckovic - guitar Ivan Jović - guitar

"Nord is a band hailing from Rijeka, Croatia. Their sound is very full, rich and energetic, as shown by track such as their single, So Alive, which is a really great portrait of the band’s attitude. Their music is full of beautiful melodies, but at the same time, the roar of rock is still all there, thanks to the thundering drums, the growl of the bass and the power of their guitar riffs. This talented quartet of musicians skillfully blend melody with energy in equal doses, mixing rock with poetry, with lines as touching as “I need you more than the desert needs the rain”.

Album "Play Restart" available from Geenger Records (GNGR047) Grab your copy at

Eni Jurišić

Eni Jurišić is a law student from Rijeka. After performing at The Voice Croatia last year, she's now seriously building up her music career.

Facebook page:

She also sings in an acoustic duo called "Pinky and the Brain" (Rijeka) with Nika Zubović.

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