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Goodbye Chris Cornell

Musician Chris Cornell was born July 20, 1964, in Seattle. In the mid-1980s he formed the band Soundgarden. The band earned multi-platinum status and two Grammys. He released his solo debut to critical praise in 1999. The following year, he formed the band Audioslave with Rage Against the Machine members. He left Audioslave in 2007 and released his second solo effort. Cornell died on May 17, 2017 at the age of 52. (Source:

He was also known for his numerous solo works and soundtrack contributions since 1991, and as founder and frontman for Temple of the Dog, the one-off tribute band dedicated to his late friend Andrew Wood. (Source: Wikipedia)

Chris Cornell was definitely one of those people everyone would say (and will say): "what an amazing voice". He did an amazing work in the world's music field but besides that, he had an amazing charisma. He was 52 but he looked much younger. It's like he wasn't getting old at all. What happened is an enormous loss for his family, friends, band, fans and music in general. The world lost too much in the last couple of years and things are not getting better.

Chris Cornell and his bands were idols to a lot of young vocals and bands. I can personally say that I am 26 and I grew up listening to his/their music. Everything from Soundgarden and Audioslave up to his solo albums. This news shocked me.

This is a sad day. He left but his music is still here and forever will be. And that is the most amazing thing about music. It' here forever. The music along every other creative work, is something someone left behind to live forever. If we think that way, the people who left us in the last year/year and a half (Lemmy, David, Cohen, Prince.... ) still live in their life's work. In their creativity. In their music.


rest in peace and hope to hear your voice again, someday.

Thank you for everything.


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