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MetalDays 2017

Video : Official after movie for MetalDays 2016 - source: MetalDays

Just two and a half months left until the next MetalDays festival! MetalDays gets better every year, with new bands, old school bands, different bands and most of all - awesome bands. Besides that, this festival is special for its beautiful location. Tolmin and its surroundings (SLO) are the best addition to the festival. The rivers, the valley, the mountains, all this additionally spices the festival and creates something that everybody needs to see.

This year's festival line-up:

Marilyn Manson, Amon Amarth, Opeth, Doro, Iced Earth, Katatonia, Pain, Blues Pills, Bloodbath, Death Angel, Abbath, Shining, Loudness, Kadavar, Equilibrium, Sanctuary, Architects, Venom Inc., Grand Magus, Batushka, Persefone, Krisiun, Gutalax, Hell, Xandria, Spasm, MGLA, Cancer, Triosphere, Sinister, Suicidal Angels, Goathwhore, Witchfynde, Macabre, Absu, Warbringer, Lost Society, Kobra and the Lotus, Visions of Atlantis, Fit for an autopsy, Loathe, Katana, The great discord, Angelus Apatrida, Aaven, Aversions Crown, Evil Invaders, Rectal Smegma, Dool, Centuries, For I am a King, Rapid Force, The Foreshadowing, Dordeduh, Na Cruithne, Dead End, Morywa, Nemost, Mynded, Ortega, Crisix, Hellcrawler, Reverend hound, The black court, Srd, Transceatla, Chontaraz, Shot down, Grime, Gust, Tears of martyr, Moros, Stortregn, Turbowarrior of steel, Tytus, Myriad lights, Whorion, Fractal universe, Sober assault, Fallen tyrant, Omophagia, Sasquatch, In the crossfire, Infected chaos, Firtan, Amorgen, Blood ages, Novacrow, Overtures, Vasectomy, Burn fuse, Sleepers’ guilt, Carnage calligraphy, Vexovoid, Battlesword, Fir bolg, Zayn, Immorgon, Carrion, Snake eater, Tyrmfar, Ebony archways, Pain is & Selfmachine. (Source: Metaldays (

This year the festival has a 3rd stage which is dedicated to newcomer bands. So that's something to talk about, and to see live! :)

MetalDays - see you in a bit!

Source: Metaldays (

(Source: MetalDays (

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