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Cellar Darling @ Orto Bar in Ljubljana

Cellar Darling is a 3-piece band from Winterthur and Lucerne, Switzerland founded in 2016 by Anna Murphy, Ivo Henzi, Merlin Sutter (ex Eluveitie members).

The band is doing shows around Europe at the moment and have already done a few gigs. Their first album will be out at the end of June. Everyone who've been to one of their shows (Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland...) had an opportunity to listen to the whole album and that's a true privilege.

We've been on their show in Ljubljana (SLO) and made an after movie of the concert! Check it out!

We also had an opportunity to talk to the band after their show. They are positive, hopeful and looking forward to every single show and of course, to their first album which is coming out in June this year. Anna gave us a short interview which you can watch on the beginning of the video.

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