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SATURDAY, 19.6.2021., 17h


CONCERT OF NEW FORCES FROM PULA: RIFFT (progressive metal), FREAKTION (alter / rock), FONJATURA (punk), IMMOBILE (punk / hardcore), THE SECULARISTS (punk / hardcore).

ROUND TABLE with a discussion on the topic of the music scene in Pula in the period from 2000 to 2020 and the participation of longtime members of the scene in Pula: MLADEN MEDIĆ - DISTOR; Desinence Mortification, director and editor of numerous videos of alternative bands, screenwriter and director of the documentary Grad izobilja,initiator of the GoatHell Metal Festival, IGOR ŠAPONJA - ŠAPO; Fakofbolan, KARLO MIRKOVIĆ - KARLITO; Nomen, Equinoxe, Flanger Danger, Moć rasute pažnje, Ostaci zvuka, Metalurgija Radio Show, KM Guitars, DINO POPOVIĆ - POPKA; author in the bands Hombe, Via luče, singer-songwriter project Popka and editor and host of the show about the local scene "Sviraš šta?", MIHAELA TIKVICKI - MINKY; Roštiljarka Radio Show, Viva La Pola! festival, Syntheses, Glas Istre (mozaik), ZLATKO GOTOVAC - ZLAJO; Desinence Mortification, Lizatori pizdere, Brijačina kojona, Roštiljarka Radio Show, Viva La Pola! festival, screenwriter and director of the documentary Grad izobilja.

DJ PROGRAM, with legendary stuff from the foreign and domestic scene: Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Nirvana, Korn, NOFX, Dead Kennedys, Rage Against The Machine, Sepultura, Faith No More, Slipknot, Motorhead, Biohazard, The Ramones, RHCP, Machine Head, Judas Priest, Napalm Death, Nightwish and many others.


On Saturday, June 19, Roštiljarka will mark two decades of continuous work with a concert, round table and DJ program. An incredible twenty years have passed since music enthusiasts Zoran Mladenović - Srle and Zlatko Gotovac - Zlajo started a story in 2000, for which they could not even dream how far it would go, and how it would develop into an integral part of the music scene of the City of Pula.

Created as a sequence of events in the nineties, originally starting as a radio show on Radio Maestral, Roštiljarka soon expanded its activities to a concert presentation of various bands from the world of rock, metal, punk, hardcore, crossover, gothic and many other substyles of alternative music, from Croatia and other countries, but also from the Pula scene. Why Roštiljarks? Namely, back in the nineties in Pula jargon - "to barbecue" (roštiljati) was a common expression when mentioning good and fierce music, so there was simply no doubt which word will be the bearer of a new project. Along with Zlatko Gotovac as a constant of the project, and Srle, in the realization of the radio show and concert events in the first years, Alen Šajina and Svetlana Barać - Ceca also participated, while most of the work so far was related to the trio Mihaela Tikvicki - Minky, Darko Rajić - Bato and Zlajo. However, these Pula music lovers were the basis on which the entire Pula scene was built, so in the past twenty years, in the concert and in the radio part, almost every band from Pula participated, among others: Popeye, KUD Idiots, Trio Porkodijo, Nailed, Problems, Sick Mites, AntiTodor, Mortal Divinity, Mad Face, Blockade Runner, Super Booster, Flanger Danger and many others.

From the very beginning, the barbecue lived with the stage, and tried to influence its improvement and improvement with its promotional activities. We remember a mountain of legendary moments and comic scenes, during the radio program and concert performances, which were and remain an integral part of Roštiljarka, and the always unique and positive spirit of the Pula scene.

In addition to promoting the Pula scene, the idea of ​​Roštiljarka was to connect as intensively as possible with the foreign scene, festivals, record companies, groups, clubs, and thus a large number of exclusive interviews with world-famous groups such as: Nightwish, In Flames, Kreator, Anthrax, WASP, Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, etc. Also, Roštiljarka promoted many festivals and concerts, filmed announcements, including: Exit, Summer Breeze, Metal Camp, etc., and primarily domestic - Pula; Seasplash, Monte Paradiso, Viva La Pola! and others.

Since the performance in the concert part, the Roštiljarka team remembers with special admiration the arrival of the legendary stoner rock band Karma To Burn, which performed in Pula in 2011, as well as the performance of excellent foreign groups, including: Infected Rain, Burning Witches, Gonoreas, Frantic Amber, Pokerface, Rumors Of Gehenna, etc. In addition to Pula and foreign bands, Roštiljarka has been following and presenting local (Croatian) bands with great enthusiasm from the very beginning, so we remember great performances: Fathera, Forlorn Legacya , Gorthaur's Wrath, Devastation, Infernal Tenebre, Omega Lithium, Ashes You Leave, Phantasmagorie and many others.

Also, in the past twenty years, Roštiljarka has collaborated with many other radio and television shows and stations, including the cult "Ultrasound", which was broadcast on RiTV in the first half of the 2000s. As part of the show, at the initiative of Roštiljarka, bands from Pula were guests; Popeye, Nailed, Mad Face, and Mladen Medić and Zlatko Gotovac are recording several concert TV shows for the same show; United Forces Road Show II, The Gathering in Zagreb in 2004, etc. Also, Mladen Medić recorded performances from Roštiljarka and edited the best materials and turned them into videos.

In addition to radio and concert activities, the Roštiljarka team also promoted the stage and bands in many other ways, and it should be emphasized again, especially the Pula ones. This is how the collaboration with many magazines and fanzines took place, perhaps the most famous is the long-standing one with United Forces magazine. Then, the presentation to the music promoters and organizers, so let's single it out, with the help of the Roštiljarka, band Nailed in the early 2000s performed with their great role models - Sepultura and Soulfly, and was accompanied by unforgettable collective departures from Pula.

Throughout all twenty years, the Roštiljarka team also followed various concerts and events, and carefully recorded numerous Pula bands, and the works often ended up on numerous internet portals, exhibitions, as well as on visual templates for CDs, records and other releases and promotional materials.

At the initiative of Tee Tidić, the Pula fanzine Master / Radiation Sickness was revitalized in the 2016, and with the help of the Roštiljarka team and associates, three more issues were published (after four issues from the 1990s).

The love and passion for music is eternal, and guided by that, the Roštiljarka team announces the continuation of activities and the development of new content in the future.

And so, in the spirit of all these years, honestly and unpretentiously, after a long series of months of waiting, we are happy for the final possibility of its realization, and stabilization of the circumstances that have accompanied us lately, and we announce that Roštiljarka will celebrate those two decades of work on Saturday, 19.6., on the terrace of the club Uljanik with a collage of programs.



The anniversary program on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Roštiljarka on June 19 will start in the afternoon, around 5 pm (with the duration and end of the program, which will be further specified, in accordance with the new concessions of the Civil Protection Headquarters, which will come to force on June 15), with a program that will bring a handful of legendary stuff from the bands Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Nirvana, Korn, NOFX, Dead Kennedys, Rage Against The Machine, Sepultura, Faith No More, Slipknot, Motorhead, Biohazard, The Ramones, RHCP, Machine Head, Judas Priest, Napalm Death, Nightwish as well as many others. A perfect occasion to enjoy a cold beer and a pleasant (almost perfect) summer temperatures.


After a little refreshment and listening to good music, a round table discussion will begin with the participation of famous members from the Pula scene; Distor, Šapo, Karlo, Dino, Minky and Zlajo, who will remember and share with those present all the important, known and unknown moments in the last twenty years of the scene. We will remember all the important bands, their most significant achievements, concerts, festivals, socializing, funny moments and many other segments, which were an integral part of the Pula scene in the period from the late nineties until today. All interested parties who are present and would like to share some interesting information with the public or ask a question will be free to join the conversation. The idea is to, with one unencumbered conversation, provide a pictorial presentation of creativity in this city and everything we have enjoyed all these years. The conversation will be especially interesting for the younger generations, because we believe that they will learn a lot of useful information.


After the trip to the past, the concert program starts, which will, in the spirit of the main guides of Roštiljarka from its very beginnings, bring performances by original bands that represent new trends in Pula's alternative, independent, underground scene. It is the musicians who, gathered in their bands, show in the best way how the music in Pula continues to develop, and the new forces, the generations, confirm that they enjoy creating it with passion. On Saturday, June 19, five new promising Pula bands will bring their concert performances, so we will have the opportunity to enjoy alter rock performed by FREAKTION, then progressive metal performed by RIFFT, and a series from punk to hardcore released by bands FONJATURA, IMMOBILE and THE SECULARISTS.


FREAKTION, a four-member alter rock band, has been around since 2018 and was formed during Rock Camp the same year, when Vasja, Toni and Maja - original members, greatly inspired by other friends who have already played in bands, decide to form their own. In 2019, Gabriel joins the band, thus completing the line-up. Growing up with good music; Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, Atomsko sklonište, KUD Idijoti, etc., founded the band, Freaktion often come up with their own ideas, riffs, build style, and create a handful of interesting original things, among other things; "Calamity", "Nemesis", "Evil in Disguise", "Mousetrap", "Madeleine", through which various topics such as domestic violence, personal struggles, criticism of society to environmental issues, and special melody and drinkability of the musical background gives a distinctive voice to the singer Maja. Some of the biggest wishes of the band are to one day play with Radiohead and Muse who are the biggest and favorite role models of the band. Freaktion says that their main guide and goal is to connect each listener as well as possible with their creativity, so that they can experience the pleasure they feel while creating and performing music. They are announcing the recording of their first album for this year, and for the performance on June 19th they intend to perform precisely the cross-section of that material. We are 100% sure that they will delight us.

THE RIFFT, the metal scene (with punk and hardcore) has been a generator of Pula's independent scene for decades, and so with the groups of the eighties, among others; Cronos, Devastation over the highly creative 1990s and Sexton, Blockade Runner, Aeon, over the new millennium and Skepsis +, Mortal Divinity and many other bands, we come to a point that becomes a source for future movements on the scene, and one of those triggers is THE RIFFT, a three-member progressive metal band from Pula. 2000 at the initiative of Josip - bassist / vocals and Andrija - drummers, who in the meantime are joined by Egon - guitar / vocals, with inspiring guides such as heavy riffs that echoed when listening to music, passion for performance, atmosphere that can be obtained by assembling the sounds of various instruments, and various influences ranging from bands such as Metallica, Dio through Stratovarius, Nightwish, Dream Theater to Gojira, Isis, Karnivool, etc., THE RIFFT is created. The guys state that they do not limit themselves to one area, but with a basic progressive vision, they create the so-called all metal. They do both music and lyrics as a team, and their biggest wish in 2021 is to finish and record their first album. They also have high expectations in terms of returning to normal as soon as possible with a handful of performances. They say that they are preparing for 19.6. and they would say to all young people: "Be innovative, don't listen to teasers and yell your buttocks with epic music!". And we will shout live, with them!

IMMOBILE, punk, hardcore expression, is one of the most prominent symbols of why Pula is on the map of cities that are recognized as "places where good music has always been played." From the first punk bands in the late seventies, through the hardcore of the eighties, and all in the years that followed, almost 45 years, in Pula, rock and dust are widely. The foursome are hooked on "punk" with: Marcel - guitar, Tin - drums, Rafi - bass / background vocals and Matija - vocals, with great enjoyment and inspiration across the American scene from the early eighties and bands such as: Black Flag, Minor Threat , Jerry's Kids, Gang Green, RKL etc. decide to form their own band. Creating, in the spirit of these original bands, keeping the main guidelines that are manifested in the uncompromising, energy and strength of young rebellious people, IMMOBILE will certainly not leave you indifferent, chaos guaranteed, and preparing to perform at the Barbecue, they say: "Finally see you at the concert, and in the summer we are convinced that we will completely forget about corona madness! ”

FONJATURA, Pula (more) punk, (less) hardcore band whose earliest days date back to 2013, the time when the team from the neighborhood, bassist Matej and guitarist Vincent, meet. Vincent's musical maturation was quite inspired by his father's ways (Wolgy played in Frontal Beat) and the father of Fonjature's first drummer, Matija Šestan, also played in Frontal. In general, the Pula scene (Antitodor, KUD Idijoti, FOB, ...) had a very significant impact on the emergence of Fonjature. The name of the band is given by Kristijan Dellabernardina - Columbus (ex Assholes). The demo material "I Know" is recorded by Fonjatura in 2014 and can be found on SoundCloud. The first album "Schizophrenia" after a long series of recordings (with the participation of the second drummer Ivan Hačić - Haće) and a break in the work of the band, finally saw the light of day in 2020. The album features Mare (Frontal Strike), Zajo (Kani bastardi) and Darko Rajić - Bato. The recording was led by Wolgy, Vini and Dino Krivičić are responsible for the mix and master, and Matej also participated in the subsequent recording and finishing of things, while Antonela Požarina showed her skills for an excellent cover. The album permeates themes and events from society and the environment through the prism and vision of the band members themselves, and in many ways the attitudes and thoughts from the early days of punk are retained. The album can be listened to on you tube and is also available in physical form through the band members. At the performance 19.6. Fonjatura awaits you with: Vincent Ereš (Vini) on guitar and vocals, Tin Januš on drums and Matej Peharda (Peh) on bass and vocals, and this summer they should also perform in Šibenik. He will always say for himself that they are just ordinary young men who like to play and have a good time.

THE SECULARISTS, through parents inclined to alternative music as well as meetings in Rojac, the idea of ​​punk and music, future members of The Secularists, eventually takes on a clearer form and so at the end of 2019 Mateo decides to form a band with Noah, and after searching for the rest of the team , drummer Henry and guitarist Toby join the band. The guys point out that the first bands through which they met punk were the classic ones - The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and discovering new areas, it spread to Nirvana, Rudimentary Penny, Nailbomb, Bad Brains, Disrupt, SOAD, etc. guys emphasize that entering punk for them was the discovery of freedom within the thinking of the new time, the idea of ​​managing their own lives, opposition in terms of imposed hierarchies in society, etc. All this is the biggest inspiration for guys in creating music and lyrics, and the thought will round off how for them punk is more than just music. In addition to punk, guys often enjoy metal, grindcore, freak folk, reggae, noise rock and more. With you live 19.6. and The Secularists: Mateo Žufić - vocals, Tobija Da Ponte - guitar, Noah Cvijanović - bass and Henri Šuran - drums.

After the concert, we will enjoy the DJ program for a while. Stay tuned for more information!



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